Blockchain Capital

Pinetree Capital is currently raising and deploying funds for a number of subsidiaries. Our Blockchain Capital office was recently launched to address aggressive growth opportunities in niche Southeast Asian markets. Developed products, services, and platforms within this subsidiary entail an integration of frontier technologies in cryptocurrency and the area of financial applications of the Blockchain. The least of which are basic offerings such as:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Wallet technologies

  • Online-only remittance platforms

In Blockchain Capital’s portfolio are numerous coveted business permits and financial services licenses, including central bank-issued permits and licenses that govern the operations of the portfolio’s financial technologies.

Social Media Ventures

Social Media Ventures was incorporated in order to tackle the shift in demographics, from the 1990s, of internet users being mostly Western and American internet users, to the present-day’s makeup of internet users:

  • Still, less than 1 billion broadband internet users (bandwidth capacity is only growing)

  • Now a mostly non-Western, non-English internet user base

Built-for-growth Fintech Ventures (BFGFV)

Built-for-growth Fintech Ventures (BFGFV) is a unique office and portfolio that invests in opportunities that have growth-hacking “baked in” to the technologies that drive their businesses. From a single button that compels user recursive behavior (K-factor), to accounting and financial incentives: BFGFV’s businesses aim for automatic, simultaneous, viral growth in fintech— while abiding by regulatory, privacy and ethical concerns throughout.