PINETREE CAPITAL (Pinetree.ph) is one of the leading-edge venture capital firm based in the Philippines that seeks to address opportunities in Southeast Asia.

At Pinetree Capital, we represent an association of Filipino Family Corporations and Filipino-founded Single Family Offices, with offices based in the United States and Southeast Asia.

As a trailblazer in investment opportunities in Southeast Asia, our interests at Pinetree Capital range from traditional industries in real estate, healthcare, and financial services, to burgeoning businesses in spaces such as Blockchain applications and digital therapeutics.


Our Team


Victor lee

Chief investment officer

As Chief Investment Officer, Victor Lee sees considerable opportunities in Southeast Asia. Putting lessons learned to use — such as his Pre-Series A fundraise for Zipmatch.com — for Pinetree Capital, initial areas that he will be integrating heavily will include financial technology, real money gaming, digital therapeutics, and new approaches that challenge the status quo when it comes to social media platforms.

Victor Lee is considered an expert in mergers and acquisition finance and brings to Pinetree Capital a worldcass background in international finance and trade. He began his career in finance shortly after graduating from Yale University (BA, Political Science, Cum Laude) and Harvard University (MPP, International Trade & Finance), at Smith Barney, New York City (1993). His professional experiences in New York City during 1990s also include a tenure as Executive Vice President at Bankers Trust, numerous awards from institutions such as Deloitte & Touche, as well as advising several publicly listed companies. Over the years, Victor has assisted many companies in their initial public offerings (IPO), from managing deal arrangements to architecting fundraising strategies; most recently, he’d assisted Pure Energy Holdings Corporation in putting the company on a path toward IPO.

Victor is an award winning poet, the family chauffeur and can bench press 225 pounds on a good day.

LinkedIn | victor.lee@pinetree.ph


Jose André Ramirez

Senior Investment Manager

Jose-Andre Ramirez oversees investment opportunities across Southeast Asia and the United States. Putting his ten years of experience to good use for Pinetree Capital, Mr. Ramirez delves into investment interests ranging from traditional industries in real estate, healthcare, and financial services, to flourishing new industries dealing with Blockchain technology and digital therapeutics.  

Andre honed his specialization credit and business analysis focusing mainly on fixed income corporate securities. He was involved in the identification, assessment, allocation, and deployment stages of credit selection. Andre cut his teeth handling mainly US investment grade and emerging market companies. He adds a diverse background of analytics to help provide higher growth potential to Pinetree Capital. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the De La Salle University, Mr. Ramirez began his career in trade and investment in the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC). He began as a credit risk analyst and worked his way up to become the head of the bank’s Global Credit Division.

Andre enjoys Crossfit, football, food, and travelling with his wife.

LinkedIn | andre.ramirez@pinetree.ph |


Katherine Racadio

director of investor relations

Katherine Racadio (“Kat”), a senior financial services executive with 18 years of experience, specializes in retail banking, credit management, consumer lending, and corporate banking. Kat Racadio proves her experience as she establishes sales strategies and strategic partnerships in emerging market economies in Southeast Asia and the United States.

Her superior training on disruptive innovation and comprehensive knowledge on business model innovations techniques adds to Pinetree Capital’s arsenal in identifying the most lucrative opportunities in financial technology, digital banking, and big data analytics.  She has held management roles in a number of organizations with diverse cultural, academic, and professional backgrounds; the likes of which include: Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, Insular Home Credit, PS Bank, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), and Maybank.  

LinkedIn | kat@pinetree.ph


Billy Urrutia

head of research

Billy Urrutia helps provide necessary information about global businesses and technological trends. Managing, organizing, and conducting research, he analyzes data necessary for the strategic growth of Pinetree.

LinkedIn | billy.urrutia@pinetree.ph